How to Make a Mini Paper Claw

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Paper Claw

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1. 4cm by 3cm paper

2. Hands

3. fingers

4. fingernails

5. (optional) Use only your toes

Step 1: Fold Like I Do.

First, take your 4cm by 3cm paper and place it in front of you. Next take the top right corner of the sheet and fold it down so the top edge is lined up with the left edge. Then take the top left corner (this should be the only top corner) and fold it down to the other side. Then take the two bottom corners and fold them over so that the outside edges line up with the last fold. Then fold the bottom portion of the paper and fold it back onto the top.

Next take the right corner and fold it across so that the edge lines up with the center of the folded sheet. Next take the previous fold and fold again on it self almost as if you were rolling it across. Then fold the claw over one last time. Last, take the bottom point and tuck it into the fold that was made by the previous creases. YAY! Your done! Now you have a claw you can't even put on your finger. XD

Step 2: Bonus: Assassin Mini Knife

Combine multiple claws to make an assassin's mini knife. (StabStab!)

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