How to Make a Minimalist Wallet

Introduction: How to Make a Minimalist Wallet

Slick minimalist wallet that fits your pocket seamlessly.
You will need 24mm fabric elastic band.

Money Strap = 80 to 95mm x 24mm fabric elastic band.

Side and Bottom Straps = 40mm by 24mm fabric elastic band.

Straps are sewed to the clips using the holes closes to the center of the wallet body when fitted. If you prefer you can also sew the second strip of holes which will have a stronger hold and less elasticity due to reduced travel.

The strap will clip into the body. No need for glue.

Warning: If you test fit the clips after printing you may have a hard time getting them out. In case you need to remove them use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the clip hooks together and then use a large flat nose screw driver and twist the head in between the body and the clip and it should come out. Or simply use pliers to break the clip hooks by squeezing hard and print a new one. Approx 9 mins per clip.

Material: PLA

Layer height: 0.2mm

Print Speed 40mms (Depends on the capability of your printer)

Supports: Touching build plate (If printing face up) else print face down with no supports.

For best results print using a layer height of 0.2. Face up with supports and enable Ironing to make the last layer smooth which will give a nice matt look that blends in with the beveled edges. The layered bevel will then not be as apparent.

Or for a more easier print.

Print face down then you wont need any supports. However if printing on a smooth surface such as glass the smoothness of the glass do not blend well with the beveled layered edges.

Experimental Ideas:

Print Face up using TPE/TPU flexible filament and pause the print at layer height 0.8

Then swap the filament with PLA to print the rest. This could give the insides a rubbery surface protecting your cards against abrasion.

Caveat: I cannot get PLA to bond to TPE it simply just pulls off.

Step 1: 3D Print and Sew the Straps Together.

After you 3D printed all of the required components, clean the support if you opted to print face up. Otherwise there wont be any supports.

Now you need to sew the straps to the clips.

Take note that there are 2 types of clips. One is more indented to allow space for 2 straps staked onto each other.

The clips are named "Single Strap Clip" and "Double Strap Clip" The double strap clip is used to secure both the side straps and money strap. The side without the money strap and the bottom straps all make use of the "Single strap Clip"

When sewing it together try to do it as neat as possible so that the cards do not catch when trying to put them into the wallet.

Step 2: Assemble All of the Components.

After sewing the straps use a hard surface to push the clips into place. When pushing them in make sure they slide evenly, otherwise you will have a hard time getting them to clip into place.

Tip: Don't test fit the clips without the straps they are hard to remove. In most cases you have to re-print them because the clips damage easily if you remove it from the face covers.

Step 3: Watch the Video

Alternatively watch the video if you prefer to sit back and relax.


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