How to Make a Model of Straddling Bus and Flying Taxi

Introduction: How to Make a Model of Straddling Bus and Flying Taxi

Hello Friends ! I am Chakrat Sidharth. This is my very first instructable and I am very excited to show you my project. Today I am going to show you how to make an awesome model on Futuristic Smart Traffic Solutions.


Here are the materials:

Templates(Download them)

Foam PVC(very important)


Cello tape


Stepper motor

Aluminium strip(medium)

PVC pipe

Cycle spokes

Drill machine


4 Motors

Step 1: Understand the Concept.

Let's first understand what is a Straddling Bus:

Today Traffic has become a major problem worldwide.It has caused economical losses,fuel wastage and time reduction,lessening of productivity.So we have to find a way to counter it, people are getting late to their workplaces,children to their schools,fuel is getting uselessly burned etc.So new technologies were found,Two of them which are Straddling Bus and Flying Taxi which I am going to represent.

Straddling bus is a futuristic bus designed to drive over all other vehicles to save time of passengers.It is a very efficient way of travel,especially for those going to workplace.It has the capability to become the 5th new mode of transportation.There is a video above of the project in motion.If you wish to understand more then there is a presentation made by me here : .Please download the presentation then fonts and see it or else the text will seem scattered.Please download the fonts here:

Flying Taxi is a futuristic taxi designed to fly over other vehicles and allow point to point travel so that everyone can reach quickly.You can read more in my presentation.

Step 2: Gather All Your Supplies.

I have some past experience of running back and forth to the market so I am telling you in advance that gather all your supplies first.Then you will have a calm mind to start with.

Step 3: Download the Main Base Design.


Download my design or design a bit yourself and send them to printer's store for foam pvc printing.Cut the marked red lines.Here's the link:

Step 4: Download the Template and Print It on Foam PVC.


Print this template on Foam PVC.This template has all the required designs. My father helped me in designing them.Here's the link:

Step 5: Cut the Designs!

Very carefully,Cut all the designs with a patient hand.I managed to ruin some of them while cutting so I am warning you beforehand.Mind your safety while cutting with a sharp cutter.Take your time but do it perfectly.My friend received an cut so I am telling you.

Step 6: Start Assembling the Buildings.

Using cello tape stick the buildings.I sticked the helipad on the top of the larger buildings.The cream top will go on the smaller buildings.

Step 7: Assemble the TERMINAL

Stick the terminal by bending the template and fixing it in the right place.It is a tricky work so you might need someone to hold it in place.

Step 8: Assemble the Buses and Flying Taxis

Here's comes the new part- Flying taxi,Start by sticking the motors then join them to the batteries inside the remote.Then start sticking the buses but leave a small gap so the rods can go in.Then stick the pillars on the bottom side.

Step 9: Start Making the Circuit.

Take a smaller aluminium bar then drill a hole large enough so that the motor's top can go in,then assemble gears so that it can move smoothly then put the larger bar on the top of it.Bend cycle spokes in a L shape then stick them on the big bar. Dont forget to wire the motor with a plug.Stepper motor does reverse motion when obstructed.It is the special quality of the motor which is the heart of our project.The non cut road will obstruct the motor and will reverse spin as you saw in the video.


Use the big grey rectangles in the template to create a stand underneath the base.Support it with some PVC pipes at the four corners.Then insert the cycle spokes into the base through the cut semicircles in the base.Then put another base to support the motor beneath the base.Use the big grey rectangles in the template to create a stand.Then connect the plug to a switch board.Before starting the motor stick the buildings to their fixed places. Place the Flying taxi on a Helipad and turn on the switch of the remote and the switchboard.

Step 11: WOW at Your Work!

It's time to amaze people and be amazed at your work.Be sure to like it and share how you made it.Thanks for reading my 1st Instructable.

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