Introduction: How to Make a Multituse Concrete Cup

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what you need is : big plastic cup(cup noodles),small tin can cement ,water,some stones

Step 1: Materials to Be Collected

Step 2: Mixing of Cement

The cement shall be mixed in such that for 3 parts of water there should be mixed with 4 parts of cement .It should be mixed until there are no lumps in it & have a flow consistency.

Step 3: Filling the Cup

At the first fill the cup upto 1cm to 1.5cm then keep the can inside the centered as posible then fill the space between the cup and tincan hen shake the cup to remove the air bubbles from the cement mix filled & put some weight or rocks in/on the can. The cup is set aside for 1-2 day for the cement to dry.

Step 4: Its Ready

when its all dry take an xactoknife and cut the outer cup and remove it then slowly twist up the tin can out then sand the edges. you concrete cup is ready Thought you enjoyed the project & Thankyou

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