How to Make a Never Ending Love Bracelet



Introduction: How to Make a Never Ending Love Bracelet

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Hello everybody,

It is almost valentines day, so we thought it would be nice to do a tutorial for this special day. We decided on a never ending love bracelet, that you can make to your special someone.

We hope you like the tutorial!

Isabel and Naomi

Step 1: Check Out the Video to See How to Cut the Inner Tube and Capsules Nicely.

The video shows you how you can make the bracelet easily. You do not need a lot of materials to make it. Materials used:

- Inner bike tube (you can ask bike shops if they have some inner tubes to throw away that you can recycle)

- Nespresso capsule, in our case we used decaffeinato, which has a nice red color

- 13 oval jumprings

- Metal infinity symbol

- Heart shaped clasp

- Heart shaped punch, we used the brand Heyda

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces You Need

Use a heart shaped punch to cut out 12 inner bike tube hearts and 2 coffee pod hearts.

Step 3: Attach All the Pieces

Pierce the inner tube with a pushpin to be able to attach two together with a jump ring. Continue until you have 6 hearts attached. To the 6th also add a red coffee pod heart. Hereafter attach the infinity symbol and attach 1 inner tube heart with a red coffee pod heart and than 5 inner tube hearts again. In the end attach your clasp and your never ending love bracelet is done :-).

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