Introduction: How to Make a PDF File From Powerpoint

  • Hey This is my 4th instructable after I post my 3rd Instructable I instantly started my 4th Instructable
  • This Instructable will teach you step by step " How to make a PDF File from Powerpoint "

Step 1: GOTO

  • I use MS PowerPoint 2007
  • In this Instructable I change my 3rd Instructable to a PDF

Here a link to goto my 3rd Instructable,

  • First goto Design tab and under the Design Tab goto "Slide Orientation" and click "Portrait"
  • Then goto Home tab under the Home tab click "New Slide" and then click "Blank"
  • I paste my 3rd instructable to the powerpoint

Step 2: Then

  • Then click the Office Button as shown in the Pic
  • Goto Save as and Click "PDF or XPS"
  • Then publish it
  • Automatically the PDF File will Open
  • Enjoy and Stay turned for my Next Instructable