Introduction: How to Make a PVC Trombone

Iʻve played the trombone for a while and iʻve gotten the hang of it. That is why I decided to make this trombone out of a pvc pipe and some other material. Here is how to make a simple and easy pvc pipe.

Step 1: Gather the Material

Here is what youʻll need

•Long PVC Pipe 2 1/2 feet


•Trombone mouthpiece


•Short Pvc Pipe 1 1/4 foot


•1 Liter Bottle

•Hot glue


•Plastic valve

•Metal File

Step 2: Put the Pipes Together

So, you grab both pipes and put the long pipe with the short pipe. When you put the pipes together, it should have a little crack for air. That is when you put the plastic valve through the pipes.

Step 3: File the Valve

When you put in the valve through the pipes, the pipe wonʻt fit. So, take the file and file the valve until the pipes can fit through the pipes. Then, sandpaper the long pipe so that the valve wonʻt be so tight when you slide the pipe.

Step 4: Glue and Drill the Pipe

  • Use hot glue and glue the valve onto the short pipe. That way the valve will look like this. Then, use your drill and drill 2 holes for air to come through. That way when you put your slide on a hole, it will make a different sound. Then, it should look like this.