Introduction: 3D Pen- How to Make a Pac-Man Ghost

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Here I show how to make a dual sided Pac-Man Ghost with a 3D Pen!

4-5 hour project

You will need:

  • 3D Pen
  • Red, white and blue filament
  • 2 part epoxy
  • Some way of heating parts of the model (lighter, cooking torch, etc.)
  • Paper and pencil
  • Coarse grit sandpaper

Helpful tools:

  • Flush cutters
  • Tweezers
  • Wax paper
  • Tape

Please note that I made a time-lapse video of the full process, so you can see all the little details on how to make this in the following video:

Affiliate links to the exact products I used to make this are in the video description.

A high level overview of how to make this is:

  • The red and blue halves of the ghost are made separately.
  • The eyes and frown are also made separately.
  • The red and blue halves are epoxied together.
  • The eyes and frown are heated and then applied to the appropriate side.

Printing out the steps below and following along with the video will help a lot.

** Finally take care and the proper precautions when using an dangerous equipment that this Instructable requires. **

Step 1: Find Ghost Image and Scale Appropriately

Find an image of a Pac-Man Ghost which you like and want to base your model on. The image I used is here:

Now copy this image into a Word or Powerpoint document. Make sure the image aspect ratio is locked and then adjust the image size to what you want your model to be.

Print this image out.

Step 2: Make the Red or Blue Half of the Ghost

  • Use the printed out image to trace over with a 3D pen, to create the front profile of the Ghost. In the video I found it helpful to trace over wax paper, so the filament did not stick to the paper.
  • Then stand up the front profile and sketch half the bottom profile with a pencil. Trace this using the 3D pen.

  • “Weld” (attach) the front profile to the bottom profile using the 3D pen, to create a sub-assembly.

  • Use the sub-assembly to sketch the front wavy skirt of the Ghost with a pencil.

  • Draw the wavy skirt with the pen and then weld it to the sub-assembly. Heating the skirt can help it conform to the round bottom profile.

  • Use the sub-assembly to sketch the side rib (thick, structural bar) with a pencil.

  • Use the sub-assembly to sketch the 3x front profile ribs with a pencil.

  • Draw the ribs with the pen and then weld them to the sub-assembly (see video).

  • Now we need to make the outer covering of the ghost:

  • Use 3 layers, applied on top of each other- a course, medium, and fine layer. Allow sufficient cooling in between each layer.

  • Watching the video here can help you figure out how each of these layers is applied (density needed, technique, etc.).

Step 3: Make 2x Sets of Eyes and 1x Frown

  • Reuse the printed ghost image to draw the red ghost’s eyes and iris with the 3D pen, each with the appropriate color.
  • Sketch the front profile of the ghost and then draw in the vulnerable ghost eyes and frown with a pencil. You can use Google Image search for “pac-man vulnerable ghost” to see what it looks like.

  • Draw the vulnerable ghost’s eyes and frown with the 3D pen.

Step 4: Glue Two Halves Together

  • Optional helpful step: use flush cutters to remove any large blobs or protrusions from the back (flat) sides of the ghost halves.
  • Use the coarse grit sandpaper to sand down the back of each ghost halve. Do this until you are happy with the way they fit together.

  • Apply epoxy or other bonding agent to each halve and then bond them together.

  • I use 5 minute setting epoxy so I can slide them around until I am happy with their placement.

  • Don’t apply the epoxy right to the edge or it will squirt out the center seam and look undesirable.

Step 5: Apply Eyes and Frown to Model

  • Use heat source to attach red ghost irises to “eyeballs”.
  • Use heat to bond eyes to red ghost body.

  • Use heat to bond vulnerable ghost eyes and frown to blue ghost body.

Congratulations, you now have a dual sided Pac-Man Ghost, made with a 3D Pen!