How to Make a Paper T-rex #HMS2020

Introduction: How to Make a Paper T-rex #HMS2020

In this new instructable, I am going to teach you how to make a paper t-rex. This project isn't huge it is a small t-rex. This is pretty easy and has little supplies.


Paper ( colored paper is optional)


Tape (optional )

Step 1: Making a Square

Take a sheet of paper and fold the top left corner diagonally. When creased the paper should have a triangle with a margin under it like in the picture. Now take your scissors and carefully cut the margin leaving only the triangle. Then open the triangle up revealing a square. You could use your hands to tear it but the scissors can give you a cleaner cut.

Step 2: Folding the Square Vertically and Then Folding It on the Back

Now you should have a square. If the crease of the square isn't verticle ( Up and Down ) then turn it that way. When finished take the bottom and fold it to the top make sure you crease tightly. After that, you should have a square with an x shape going across the square. Finally, flip the square over and fold top to bottom.

Step 3: Fold and Shape the Square

The next step is to unfold the square making all the creases looking like an X with a horizontal ( Sideways) line going down the middle. Flip the horizontal line to a vertical line then fold top to bottom again. Now flip the square but making one of the sides touching the table or a flat surface and the other side should be floating sideways. . Take the ends of the line in the middle and push both to the center making a star-like shape.

Step 4: Fold Into a Diamond and More

When you have your star shape take the closes flap to you and fold it with the one on the left and the rest of the flaps should fold simultaneously. The end product should look like a two-sided diamond (rhombus). When your rhombus is finished there should be a vertical line in the middle. Turn that horizontal. Then there should be two layers of flaps stacked on each other. Take the corner of the rhombus and fold it to the center on both sides . Now flip to the other side of the horizontal line and do again. Make sure both sides are symmetrical.

Step 5: Folding to Make the Base

After that, on the top of the paper there should be a tiny triangle and you want to fold that down. Then unfold the tiny triangle and the flaps (not all just the ones on the tiny triangle side ). Lift the bottom flap up and take the two edges on the side (left to right ) and push down. Then you should have a skinny but long rhombus. Then do the same for the other side.

Step 6: Folding the Rhombus

When you are finished with the rhombus take the upper flap and fold it down which reveals a tiny triangle in the middle. Flip the rhombus over where the tiny triangle is under the flap and turn so the point of that flap is facing your left . Take the point of the flap and fold it up but only fold it halfway. Unfold it and then turn the paper so the flap you just folded is on the right. Then take the point of the flap and fold it up and crease halfway again . Unfold it again and then turn it so the side you have been folding on is to your left ( original spot ). Pinch the edges of the flap to your left upwards making the flap pointed. Now put two fingers on the lower part of the paper (not the one you are pinching ) and push down folding the point and the rhombus.

Step 7: Folding the Head and Arms

Now take the point and fold it to the left making a side triangle and unfold. Flip the body and repeat but this time fold to the right. Unfold it and put your finger on the edge / crease then push forward and crease. After that, you should have a head on each side. Fold the tip of the head Inwards to the the head (unfold it) and then flip it and now fold the tip Inwards to the head again. Again unfold and carefully lift the jaw (head flap) and tuck the tip in folding it. Now the head is finished now take the arms( below the head) then lift the flap gently and push in and fold (Like the head).

Step 8: Folding to Make the Legs and Underbelly ( Final Step )

Now when the arms are done and go to the back and there should be three flaps stacked side by side. Take the one closest to you and fold it down where a leg should go repeat for the other side. Flip and take the lower part of the leg and fold it inwards to the tail ( higher than in the picture ). Repeat this on the other side folding inwards to the tail. Now take the point of the leg and fold it to the opposite side and crease ( Same goes for the other side). Now you have the legs and now where the belly is and fold the flap small on both sides ( optional ). If your t-rex is kind of wobbly you can tape the body or legs for more stability. Finally, you are done! Also, you can decorate with colors and stuff like that. What I have learned is to have patience when making this project. I had problems all over step 5 so don't worry if you get something wrong.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    This is such a cute origami Rex!

    You should consider entering the Paper Contest :)