How to Make a Pencil Holder With Sharpener

Introduction: How to Make a Pencil Holder With Sharpener

A pencil holder is something that can be used in everyday life. the pencil holder is easy and can be made to any style you want can be with dinosaurs, stars, gold, silver because you either use washi tape or spray paint. This Pencil holder can also be made into a bigger pencil holder by just using more toilet paper rolls and a bigger Plate/Tray. the sharpener can be taken off of the plate to empty it by just taking off the lid.


You will need:

- a small glass jar with plastic lid

- 4 toilet rolls

- spray paint or washi tape (optional)

- glue (glue gun)

- Scissors

- craft knife or knife

- marker

- plate or tray

- sharpener

Step 1: Cutting the Toilet Paper Rolls to Different Heights

For this step you will need:

- toilet paper

- marker

- scissors

1. Draw lines to where you want to cut the toilet paper. just make sure if you want to put in pencils not to make them too short otherwise they will fall.

Step 2: Decorate Your Toilet Paper Rolls

For this step you will need:

- your cut toilet paper rolls

- washi tape/ spray paint

You can decorate the toilet paper rolls however you want if you are using washi tape make sure so that it stays on better to put glue at the end. If using spray paint make sure you don't use too much because it will make the toilet paper roll soggy also make sure you have a good cover for where ever you are spray painting.

Step 3: Making the Hole for the Sharpener

For this step you will need:

- the jar

- a sharpener

- a marker

- a knife

1. With the marker draw at the top of the sharpener which a good amount of ink so you will be able to paste it onto the glass.

2. Put the sharpener against the middle of the lid and make sure you can see the marker on the lid like its a stamp

3. With the Knife cut the area of the sharpener a bit smaller so it won't slip out.

Step 4: Attaching the Sharpener to the Lid

For this step you will need:

- glue gun

- lid of jar

- sharpener

1. Apply glue to the otter side rim of the sharpened

2. Push the sharpener into the small space created on the lid of the jar and pull it till it has gone all the way through

Step 5: Attaching the Toilet Rolls to the Plate

For this step you will need:

- glue gun

- your toilet paper rolls

- plate/tray

1. Take the toilet paper rolls and place them on the plate/tray without glue to see how you will stick them down.

2. Apply glue to the bottom of each toilet roll and stick it down on the plate/tray however you want

Step 6: Step 6: Assembling Everything

For this step you will need:

- The jar

- The plate

- Anything you want to put on the holder (pens, paper clips, markers, pencil, tape)

1. Place the jar on the holder without sticking it down

2. Add all the pens and things you want to put on

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