Introduction: How to Make a Pop-pop Boat

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This instructable explains how to make a pop pop boat from daily used objects

Step 1: Material

Material :
- 2 cans
- 2 straws
- 1 tin can
- 1 candle
- Blu-Tack

Step 2: Motor Pop-pop

Use one can, blu-tack and the two straws to build the pop pop motor.

The motor must be hermetic. Once done, put the motor into water and blow in the straws. If you see some bubbles, this step must re-done.

Step 3: Boat

Put the motor into the tin can and use blu-tack to make it hermetic.

Step 4: Cabin

Use the second can to make the cabin.

Step 5: Initiate the Motor

First you need to fill the motor with water then fire the candle.

The motor will start to make noise and the boat will move on.

Step 6: Video

This video shows how the pop-pop boat is working and how to make it.

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