How to Make a Simple PIR Burglar Alarm

Introduction: How to Make a Simple PIR Burglar Alarm

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Hello friends, wecome you all. This tech project is about how you can easily make a simple Burglar alarm that you can use to provide a basic security to your house/room. So without wasting any time . Let's Start.....

Step 1: Simple Burglar Alarm

If you don't want to read the whole instructable , then simply watch this video till end and easily learn.


Step 2: Things Needed

> PIR sensor - 1 Piece.

> 7805 ic - 1 Piece.

> 100 ohm resistor - 3 pieces

>BC548 - 1 Piece.

> LED -

* Red LED - 1piece.

* White LED - 1 Piece.

>Buzzer - 1 Piece.

> 9v Battery - 1 Piece.

> 9v Battery Cap - 1 Piece.

> Rainbow Cable.

>Switch - 1 Pieces.

> Plastic box. ( For casing the circuit and battery).

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Follow the above Circuit Diagram and connect everything according to circuit diagram . if you want to download the circuit diagram link is given - Link for downloading Circuit diagram

Step 4: Working of PIR Sensor

The PIR Sensor is widely used in many motion detector project because of its simplicity and easy to use even for beginners. This sensors works in a way that is very easy to understand for beginners. The structure of the PIR Sensor is given above.It works as any body which releases Infrared head is detected by the PIR motion sensor and is processed by the circuit and the output signal is released by the output Pin of PIR has three pins - vcc , gnd & output.for giving power to the pir sensor to work 5v power supply is given and is connected in the way like - +5v - vcc

0v - gnd

output - alarm circuit (the circuit you want to make)

Step 5: Working of PIR Burglar Alarm

The working of PIR Burglar alarm is very simple. it works as when any infrared heat source comes under the range of pir sensor it processes it give output of >power supply and this ouput is fed at the base of the BC548 transistor which act as a switch and it switches on the circuit and the buzzer goes on and we detect the burglar/intruder.

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