How to Make a Shooter Game

Introduction: How to Make a Shooter Game

do you like games? of course, you do! make your own game where you can use any weapon you want! a magic wand, a gun, or even a bow and arrow!


a computer with internet.

Step 1: Go to Scratch the Website

make an account if you want to save your progress, you can also download your files to the computer. then press the create button at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Make Your Player

delete the cat and make a new sprite called player. you can make a new sprite by hovering over the picture with the cat and the plus sign. you may draw your character to be however you want. make sure the weapon he is holding is to the right.

Step 3: Make Your Enemy

repeat the last step but make this character look different, maybe arms outstretched like a zombie? or claws like a robot? wings like a dragon? get creative!

Step 4: Ammo

next, make a bullet, maybe a magic blast? or a laser? or maybe lead is the way to go

Step 5: Aiming

go to the player sprite and make the following script, then put this on the bullet as well. if you want the bullet behind the player, add a go-to-back-layer block, it is found in the "looks" section.

Step 6: Shooting

follow the following script.

What's going on is every time you press the space bar, the bullet is now going to clone itself and move in the direction you were pointing. when you pressed the space bar. you can change how fast the bullet moves by changing the number of steps.

Step 7: Enemy Placement

follow the script

What's happening is the bot spawns on you, then from there it moves to somewhere around you then comes after you. this is a very easy way to make enemies.

Step 8: Losing

this script makes it so if you hit the enemy you die

Step 9: Score

make a new variable in bullets, make it for all sprites and call it something for the score, it could be just "score", but you could change it to manna, money, coins, points, anything you think fits.

after you do this put two variable blocks like so in the bullets script, this makes it so when you shoot a bot, you gain a point, and when you restart the game they reset

Step 10: Test

test your game and make sure it works, if it doesn't follow the steps again.

Step 11: Conclution

I hope you like my tutorial, be sure to check out my other things, if you have questions or tips I would love to see them! a link to my shooter is here remix it if you want and please copy it if you need help. in it, there are more sprites and enemies that you can look at and learn to code.

thank you for viewing and I hope you learned something new!

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