How to Make a Simple Bow

Introduction: How to Make a Simple Bow

Want a bow made by yourself? Want a cheap one without buying a lot of stuff? Well, this is the right instructable for you! It is simple and very convenient.

Difficulty level: 2

Carefullness rate:5


1 broomstick (those with multiple sticks (clean!))


any arrow like thing

Step 1: Take Your Broomstick

Your broomstick should have a lot of sticks. I found mine in the yard of my mom (I usually burn these. It's fun... TRUST ME!)

You could also buy a cheap one at any store.

Step 2: Take One of These... Er... Sticks

Take one (from all of that choices!) which is long and flexible.

Step 3: String

You only need a small amount of it.

Step 4: Measure

The string should be slightly shorter than the stick. So preferably 1/8 shorter than the stick.

Step 5: Bend and Tie

Bend the stick and tie the string on both ends. The stick should be curved and the string is stretched.

Step 6: Ammo

Take your ammo and play with your bow!

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