Introduction: How to Make a Simple Coffee Table

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Materials needed:

-Half a sheet of ¾” Birch Plywood

-4 right angle brackets

-1 ¼” screws

-¾“ screws

Tools Needed:


-Circular Saw


-Router with 1/8” router bit

Step 1: ​Cut the Table Top

The table top is 18” by 48”.

I clamped a piece of aluminum extrusion to my plywood as a guide.

Step 2: Cut the Legs

The table legs are 16” by 16”.

Cut out two squares from the plywood.

Measure up 6” from the center and then measure an inch from that point to the left and right

Those two points will be the center for the 2” circles which if drawn with a compass can be cut with the jigsaw.

Measure 2” from each bottom corner.

Draw a line connecting the point, 2” from the corner on the bottom, to tangent with the circle.

Do that on both sides.

Draw a line across the top of both circles.

Now cut out everything you’ve just marked out with the jigsaw.

Use the first leg as a template for the second and cut it out as well.

Step 3: Pocket Holes

Drill at minimum 3 pocket holes in each leg.

One in the center and one 2” from the top corner on both sides.

Step 4: (Optional) Finish

Round over all the edges with the router.

Spray lacquer to seal against water.

Step 5: Assembly

Align the legs 6” from the edge and centered.

The pocket hole should face inside for aesthetics.

Attach the brackets in between the pocket holes two per leg both on the inside.

The brackets should be attached with ¾” screws, so they don’t go through the surface.

Use the 1 ½” screws in the pocket holes for added strength.

I'm sorry for the lack of photos this was originally the script for my YouTube video.

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