Introduction: How to Make a Simple Dancing Light (Very Low Cost)

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DANCING LIGHTS, from the name it clarifies about the lights. These are the lights which can be used in Party Functions, DJs etc.

The lights glow according to the beat of the speaker. Actually the main principle behind the twinkling of lights are the high amplitudes produced by the amplifier.

This is a very simple, easy and very cheap DIY.

So, lets biuld it..!!

Step 1: Things to Gather Up-

(I) Main components:-

1. LED strip of 4V
2. Aux Cord of 3.5mm

3. Some wires

(II) Tool Kit

(III) Soldering Kit

Step 2: Joining Part

Take the LED strip and Wires, then Solder the Wire to the LED strip (as shown in the figure 1)

Note- No need of terminal connection here , join the wires accordingly.

After soldering the LEDs, then Join the wires to the AUX cord (as shown in the figure 2)

Step 3: Assembling Part

Now, take the speaker (previously I had built it, Click Here ) and join the wires of the AUX cord ( as shown in the figure).

Step 4: Finalizing the Set Up

Now, paste the LED strip on the speaker with DST ( as shown in the figure) and connect the AUX Cord with the OUTPUT of any amplifier.

Note- 1. Don't connect the AUX cord in the headphone jack because the transmission of the audio is not amplified and it will not give any lighting effect.

2. The lights will only twinkle in between 250Hz to 500Hz i.e. specially in BASS BOOSTED songs.

So, the DANCING LIGHT is ready now...!

For what you are looking for... Go.. Gather your materials and Build it...!! :) :)

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