Introduction: How to Make a Ski Bike for Cheap

Have you ever wanted to bike in the winter? Do you live too far away from mountains to enjoy recreational snow sports? Well worry no more, the skicylcle is here to solve those issues. With a handful of easily obtained materials and some ingenuity you too can create a skicycle. This product will take anywhere from 3-10 hours to make depending on how familiar you are with the materials.

All my life I have been a skier. Every weekend I would go up to my favorite mountain and enjoy all it had to offer. Unfortunately for me I live in a part of New Hampshire with little access to mountains. This left with five days a week I was not at a ski hill. This got me thinking, the part of New Hampshire where I live has many mountain bike trails. I figured why don’t I design and make a bike that I can use in there winter. Thus, the ski cycle was born.


-A bike

-I used an old mountain bike with a 26inch tire, depending on what you are looking for you can change the frame to better suit your riding style.


-This can be the whole piece of wood or just a couple of scraps. It will be used in the front triangle.

-2x12pt scrap

-This 2x10 should be 12x14 to make the front triangle

-5 8inch lag bolts

-A ski boot

-a ski

-a ski binding

-a saw

-a dremel


-industrial spring

-metal chord

-clamping bolt

-2 eyelet bolts and nuts to go with it

-1/2 inch drill bit

-1/4 inch drill bit

-spray paint (optional)

-philips head drill bit

-5inch long x .5 inch wide threaded rod

-2, 1/2 inch nuts for axel 4 bearings

Necessary skills:

-Be able to cut with a saw

-Be able to cut with a dremel

-Be able to drill with a steady hand

-Know basic arts and crafts

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

If you want to get this done in one swing gather all the materials and tools from the list provided.

Step 2: Strip the Bike

Take your bike and take the front wheel off. Then take the breaks off the frame. This is not required but makes the bike look much better.

Step 3: Cut the Boot

Take your old ski boot and cut it, make sure to cut it just above the sole so that you can still use the sole to click into a binding.

Step 4: Cut the Ski

Take the saw and cut the ski, for every ski it is different but aim to make the ski around 3-4 feet long.

Step 5: Mount the Ski

Take an old ski binding and mount the ski to it. This required a drill and screws.

Step 6: Cut the Front Triangle

In this step take your 2x12 piece and cut it to the length of your boot sole. Then cut the 2x4 into the same length as that. Make the 2x12 a triangle by cutting it at an angle this will make it lighter. Lastly cut a 4x4 square out of the 2x4.

Step 7: Create the Triangle

Take your lag bolt and put them through the sole of the boot into the 2x4 and then through the 2x12. Once secured with 2 lag bolts take 2 more and drill them through the 4x4 2x4 piece and in into the 2x12.

Step 8: Make the Axle

Take your drill bit and drill directly through the side of the 4x4 piece once drilled put the bearing on the outside.

Step 9: Attach the O Screw to the Ski

Drill the O screw into the ski

Step 10: Attach the Spring Retention System

Take the metal chord and loop it through the o screw. Then attach it to the spring. Then take a u bolt and clamp the chord so it cannot fall off. Do this on both sides of the spring. Then take another O screw and attach it the other side of the metal chord, put this screw through the fork of the bike. Secure the o screw with a bolt. Lastly loosen one of the u-bolts on the chord and pull it tight till the ski has tension. Clamp it back down and it is ready.

Step 11: Put It All Together

Attach the triangle to the frame and the ski to the triangle. Once completed you have made a ski bike. If wanted, you can paint the triangle any color you want.