How to Make a Soccer Goal




Introduction: How to Make a Soccer Goal

How to make a soccer goal using just pvc and rope

Step 1: Gather the Materials

1) Gather Materials

1” PVC Pipe

-Four- 36 inches

-Two- 51 inches

-Three- 29 inches

-Three- 31 inches

-Two- 27 inches

-Three- 4 inches

PVC Fittings

-Two - 90 Degree Elbow

-Six- 45 Degree Elbow

-Two - T-Connector

-Four - Corner connectors

-Netting/ 400 ft of Rope

-30 Zipties


-Tape Measurer




-3/8 Drillbit

-PVC Pipe Cutter

Step 2: Constructing the Two Sides


Cutting your PVC Pipe

One- 4 inches

One- 51 inches

One- 29 inches

One- 31 inches

One- 27 inches

PVC Connectors

Two- Corners Connector

Two- 45 degree Connector

One- 90 degree Connector

A) Use the 90 degree connector to connect the 51 inch pipe to the 27 inch pipe

B)From the 27 inch pipe attach a corner connector

C) From the corner connecter attach a 31 inch pipe.

D) From the 31 inch pipe attach a 45 degree connector

E) From the 45 degree connector attach a 4 inch pipe

F) Attach the 4 inch pipe and the 51 inch pipe with a corner connector

G) Repeat steps A-F to create the other side.

Step 3: Connecting the Sides


Cutting your PVC Pipe

Four - 38 inches

PVC Connectors

Two- T-Connector

A) Connect two of the 38 inch pipe to the T-Connector, so that they are inline

B) Repeat step A

C) Connect the two sides together from the corner connecter

Step 4: Building Your Net

This is going to be the most time consuming part of your project

Things you need:

-Drill and 3/8 drillbit



A) Drill holes on every piece of PVC 2" apart (It may be easier to drill the holes when everything is not attached)

B) Starting at a corner start thread the rope between the holes directly across the starting hole

C) Continue going back and forward until all of the holes are filled going vertical

D) Then fill all of the holes going horizontal, but weave the string between the vertical lines

E) Congratulations you have a new soccer net!

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