Introduction: How to Make a Spatula, For... Everything!

A spatula is a tool to rule all tools as everyone should know, it can be used in any field of making you chose whether it be 3d printing, cooking, or metalworking. Now that you know this crucial piece of information I bet you are wondering one thing... how then can I make myself a custom spatula?


Blade-1/16-1/8 steel

Rivets- Nails

Handle Material- I used some poplar wood.

Step 1: Cutting Out Your Pattern

Using some tin snips or a grinder to the best of your abilities cut out a spatula shape, I personally copied the 3d printing spatula which I was trying to replace. Personally I had no gripes with the design of the spatula just its general ugliness.

Step 2: Sharpen Your Spatula and Drill Holes

I used a file to laboriously sharpen my blade, consider that this will take up the bulk of your time... and sanity. After you have adequately sharpened your spatula drill a couple of holes where the handle will go as a place to put the rivets in later.

Step 3: Heat Treat

Personally I prefer the most efficient way of heat treating metal... an old propane torch and a can full of water. To each be there own but just know that this is a possible method.

Step 4: Making and Attaching Your Handle

A nice piece of tree carcass can go a long way, I measured out the handle length I wanted cut two equal pieces and then went to town with a hand plane curving the edges and finally drilling mathing holes for the handel. After that take your nails and cut them down (if necessary) to about a quarter to half-inch about the wood. Take your hammer and go to town, being careful to make a snug fit with your parts.

Step 5: Admire Your Creation... and Check Out Some of My Videos.

You have done it you have made a spatula ... or you're just reading through the instructions... in that case, you have done it, you have conceived the idea of making a spatula.

Thanks for reading this instructable and watching my video, if you would like to check out some of my others... my main project right now is a vacuum jet engine but soon I will be posting about electronics, casting, and metalworking projects, so check out my channel trial and error... videos bi-weekly.

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