How to Make a Steam Boat With a Candle

Introduction: How to Make a Steam Boat With a Candle


Step 1: To Do a Steam Boat With a Candle You Need!

In this instructables I'll show you a great idea of how to make a steam boat with the candle.

Step 2: Children of Any Age Like to Make and Sail Toy Boats.

Therefore, it will be an awesome present for International Children's Day on 1st of June.

Step 3: Adults Might Also Be Interested in an Unusual Toy Boat Construction With the Candle Used As Moving Power.

Step 4: The Hand Made Steam Boat Also Has the Heating and the Steam Boiler.

The boat moves due to fire, which heats the pipe, suppressing hot water from it. They are substituted with the new portions of hot water, which are sucked in, heat, and thrown out immediately, moving the boat ahead.

Step 5: Make a Present for With International Children's Day!

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    4 years ago

    How far do the pipes sit below the surface of the water?

    Oh yeah, great job. Voted for you!@