Introduction: How to Make a Steven Universe Vector

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Have you ever wanted to make your own Steven universe vector? Well I've finally made an instructable on how to do so. I will show you every step on how to make a Steven universe vector. So then you can show it off to your friends and family. And if you want to, you can sell it as a print! So you can get that thing you've always wanted!

Step 1: Find a Character

There are tons of characters to choose from! If this is your first time I suggest something simple like a ruby or amethyst. Don't do sapphire! Sapphire is really hard even for me. Peridot is pretty simple. For this one I'm choosing eyeball.

Step 2: Procreate

Ok. So there's this really awesome app called Procreate. You can draw on it. So I'm going to be useing that app. To make a new canvas just go to the top right corner and you can adjust the size. Or just make a standard size canvas.

Step 3: Insert Your Image

On the top left corner press on the little tool icon. And tap on insert. Then tap on insert flat image. Then your image is on the canvas.

Step 4: Colors

On the top right corner you can go to colors. This is optional but you can create a color pallet. You can name them too. So I just made one called eyeball. So you can have a collection of those colors incase you ever want to draw the characters. Or just anything like that.

Step 5: Layers

Before you start doing anything add a layer. Layers can help you later on when your coloring. If you put a layer in front of another layer you can do a lot. It helps so you don't have to do that much coloring. All of the layers should be in front of the image. If they're behind the image they won't show up. Also when doing layers I suggest making a new layer for every color. It makes everything easier.

Step 6: Colors

Ok so your probably wondering how to get the exact colors of the character. Well here's how you do it! Find the color you want on the character. I usually start with the skin colors. So just hold down on the color and a circle should pop up. Like in the picture. And then you have the exact color of that character!! Pretty cool huh?

Step 7: Zooming In

This is a pretty simple step but the way you zoom in is just any way you would on a photo. Just put two finger on the spot you want to zoom in on and just pull them. It's really simple. About brushes. The brush you should use is probably just the very first pen in the inking pens. Like in the picture. It's a pretty good size. And it's not like a pencil with it not covering up all the white marks.

Step 8: The Good Part

Ok now we've gotten to the good part! The thing you need to do is just cover up the lines on the picture! It's as simple as that! And to switch colors just do the thing I showed you!

Step 9: Color Pallets

To add colors to color pallets tap one of the little boxes under the color wheel. It should show up, and be labeled under the color wheel.Like in the picture. If you tap on one of the boxes in the color pallet while on that color it saves it on the pallet. Then you can use it for whatever you want!

Step 10: Corners

When doing corners it can be a little tricky. With these brushes they start off small and get bigger. Like in the picture. So at a corner don't start somewear else and just go to he corner. If you do that it makes it look messy. So start on the corner and go away. Since the brush is smaller when you first start. Like in the picture.

Step 11: The Gem

When doing the gem I suggest covering up the line that outlines their gem. It's kinda like a line. So probably just cover it up.

Step 12:

So pretty much just keep doing this process until all of the lines are covered up. A remember to make a new layer when your doing de
Different colors.

Step 13: Background

This is optional, but once your all done covering up all the lines it's time to do the background. To do the background just tap on the layer that sayes background and the color wheel will pop up. Choose a color that is close to the characters color. I'm doing a ruby so I'm going to do a reddish color.

Step 14: Exporting

To export your vector tap on the tool icon. Then go to share and tap on share artwork. After a few seconds a thing should pop up saying which format. Since this is a picture, choose PNG. Then the screen will pop up allowing you to save it onto your camera roll.

Step 15: Congrats

Congrats! You did it! You made your own vector! Now you can show your family and friends! And if your low on cash, you can sell it as a print! Great job on making your own vector!