How to Make a Strawberry and Pear Salad

Introduction: How to Make a Strawberry and Pear Salad

Hi dear visitors of my page and viewers of my channel,

I'd made this salad just because I was very hungry and wanted something to be made as fast as possible! So, I'd opened my fridge and all I had found there was one pear, a box of strawberries, a cheese and my favorite herb: basil!

Step 1: Cutting the Ingredients Into Small Pieces

First, you have to cut all the ingredients: one pear, about 6-8 medium-sized ripe strawberries, about 15 large leaves of basil, about 60 grams of salty cheese (or you may choose 100 grams of Mozzarella) into small pieces! You may also prepare a handful of cut almonds!

Step 2: Mixing the Ingredients

Mix all the ingredients and at the end, you may add some olive oil if you like it! I didn't want to add any for the first time and it came out OK!

Step 3: Decorating Before Serving Your Salad!

I like decorating all the dishes and drinks that I serve to my guests and even family members, so this time, I've made a nice flower from a strawberry and added on top of my ready salad. At the end, just added a couple of basil leaves:)

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