How to Make a String Heart on a Wood!!!

Introduction: How to Make a String Heart on a Wood!!!

Hello, I know it’s past Valentine’s Day but, you can still make a belated Valentines Gift. It requires absolutely no skill, beside being able to hit a nail with a hammer and not your finger... It’s fun and easy. I will show you step by step. Good Luck, you won’t need it.


All you need is different color string/yarn, a hammer, lots of nails, a squarish piece of wood, spray paint, a marker, and time.

Step 1: Drawing

Before you do anything, the very first thing you should do is (Drumroll please) planning. You need draw out you heart. We will paint over it so mess up as many times as you’d like.

Step 2: Nailing

Now, without hitting yourself, hammer nails on the lines you drew. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HIT YOUR FINGER!! Trust me it hurts.

Step 3: Spay Paint

Now that we have no use for the heart drawings, lets cover them with Spray Paint. Get the nails painted too, don’t be afraid to spray paint the nails.

Step 4: Wrapping String Around Nails

After the paint is dry, loop the string between each of the outer layers of nails. Keep doing this until you've gone around the entire outside twice. Then wrap the string around the outer heart to the outer nails. Do this around the entire heart so it seems like the string is going off the heart and into the framing string. Now wrap the string around the outer heart twice while looping between each nail. After that, wrap the string from the inner heart nails to the outer heart nails and go back and forth across the heart. Finally, wrap the string from every inner heart nail to each other until the inner heart space is full with a few holes between the string.

Step 5: End!!

Great Job! I bet your string heart looks amazing! (Better Than Mine) I hope you enjoyed this instructable!! Enjoy! Remember to keep Making!!

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