Introduction: How to Make a Stun/shock Glove

This tutorial will be showing you how to make a stun glove(duh). Please refrain from hurting younger siblings or other annoying persons in your life, this is a potentially dangerous weapon. Check out my video tutorial and it working at

Step 1: Items

1.Quicksnap disposable camera

2.Soldering iron and solder

3.Rubber gloves

4. 2 pennys

5.two wires

6.Some glue or tape

7.Some kind of pocket knife

8.Electrical tape

Step 2: Flash Circuit Modifications.

To remove the flash saw around the edges of the camera until you split it in half. Once you have done this remove the flash circuit and the battery in the flash circuit then it should look like the picture shown. Next you need to discharge the capacitor(the big black thing), to do this simply touch a wire to both of the prongs circled in red. NOTE: there should be a spark be careful not to shock yourself. After you have successfully discharged the capacitor solder to wires to the prongs indicated by the red circles.

Step 3: Attaching the Pennys

Its about as simple as the title. Just strip the end of the wires you soldered to the capacitor and sandwich the ends between electrical tape and the pennys.

Step 4: Securing the Circuit and Wires to the Glove.

Now place the battery back in the flash circuit and duct tape it in place because it falls out easily. After you have done this hot glue the circuit to a hard flat surface and then hot glue it to the glove. Next hot glue the pennys on your middle finger and thumb.It is important for the wires not to be touching so you may have to postion them strategically on the glove and tape them in place.

Step 5: Charging and Activating

To activate the glove hold the small lever in the center of the flash circuit down to charge it then release the lever and touch the two pennys together. Check out my channel to see exactly how the activation process for the glove works.