How to Make a 'Stunt Glider'

Introduction: How to Make a 'Stunt Glider'

This is a tutorial on how to make a 'stunt glider'

This is a paper airplane of sorts that has the look of a hang glider and can be tweaked to either go straight or do loop-de-loops!

I made this...

...and had better luck by folding the wiglets down instead of up!

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this is a single sheet of 20lb copy paper.

The weight of the paper is important, this airplane won't correctly if you're using paper that too thick or too thin

Step 2: Crease the Sheet With an "X"

Crease an 'X' into the sheet by folding one corner down, unfolding and then folding the other corner up, then unfolding.

Step 3: Use the Crease As a Guide...

Use the 'x' crease you've just made as a guide to fold the sheet into the shape shown.

Step 4: Construct the 'nose' of the Glider

The nose of the glider if formed by folding flaps shown up towards the nose.

Step 5: Construct the 'nose' of the Glider (cont)

Make two similar folds (shown) and then fold the nose in on itself (last photograph)

Step 6: Fold the Nose Together

Tuck the side flaps into the nose flap as shown in the picture

Step 7: Fold the Winglets

Fold the wiglets so that they point 'down' retaliative to the glider

Step 8: Your Stunt Glider Is Ready to Fly

Hold the stunt glider by the nose and throw softly.

Adjusting the size of the wiglets changes how the glider behaves.

More wiglet will cause the glider to go straight, less wiglet will cause it to loop.

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