Introduction: How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

Hello, my name is Caylan Aichele! In my free time, I really enjoy making decorations and crafts, one of the decorations I make is a succulent terrarium. I have come up with a very easy and fun way to make your own terrarium with easy instructions to follow. Different people have different ways of doing things, but I have come up with instructions that work best for me and to make my terrarium a person can use things that one would find laying around the house! In 7 easy steps, you can have your own terrarium.

Step 1: What Is a Terrarium?

What is a terrarium might you ask? Well, today I will be explaining how to make one! A terrarium consists of small plants (I will be using 3 small succulents), any type of potting soil, pebbles or small stones, a spoon for digging, a bowl/ glass vessel large enough to house the plants and any decorations that you feel complete the terrarium. While choosing plants try to choose some of all heights or widths! This will add character and make the terrarium more personalized.

Step 2: What You Need to Make Your Own Terrarium!

To start off making the terrarium make sure all of the supplies are ready. I found my bowl at the dollar store and it is just the right size for my plants, other good places to find the perfect bowl would be Hobby Lobby, Walmart or even Menards. They are also called glass vessels and can come in many unique shapes and designs, some people even use things you can find around the house like a coffee pot! Finding plants can be hard, especially when its winter time and not many greenhouses are open, Hy-vee sells succulents and one can even order some off the internet! The soil needed is just regular potting soil. For the pebbles, I bought fish tank pebbles.

Step 3: Adding the Base!

The very first thing to do is pour the pebbles as a base, into the bottom of the bowl so the pebbles are about an inch in height. The reason we use the pebbles is to absorb water, which would cause the soil and the roots to rot if there were too much water in the soil.

Step 4: Adding the Soil!

Next, fill up the rest of the bowl leaving about a half an inch from the rim of the bowl with the potting soil. Make sure there is enough soil to cover the roots and to make the plants nice and sturdy! The type of soil really doesn't matter, I used the potting soil that my mom uses for her summer flowers.

Step 5: Lets Get Digging!

After adding the soil to the bowl, the plants are ready to be added! Grab the spoon and make a hole big enough and deep enough to place the succulents or plants. The first succulent I usually start with is tallest. Since the tallest succulent is the first one being placed, plant it toward the edge (but not too close to the edge, stay about a 1/2 in away from the edge of the bowl) away from the middle. Place the second tallest one second, place it next to the tallest one or on the opposite side. Just make sure there is enough space between each of the plants so they have room to grow! Finally, add the smallest plant. I like to place this one in the middle! Make sure the soil is packed down around the plants so they don't fall over.

Step 6: Adding Your Personalized Touch

Finally, place any decorations that may add character to the terrarium. Since I planted succulents in my terrarium they do not need much water. Make sure the soil is moist after being planted so roots are getting the water they need to become stable and stay healthy in their new home.

Step 7: How to Care for Your Plants

After the initial planting, the succulent will only need to be watered once a week with a spray bottle. Be careful, not to over water the plants otherwise, they will die. Being that plants love the sunlight place your new terrarium in front of a window to get plenty of sunshine.