How to Make a Super Bright LED Light Panel - Simple Version



Introduction: How to Make a Super Bright LED Light Panel - Simple Version

Today I share with you how to make a beautiful Super Bright LED Light Panel from old LCD screen. This is simple version you can use 18650 with 5v out put for smart phone etc..

5630 is High-Brightness LEDs you can use any thing Led if you want

Adapter 12v 5A or more It depends on the number of leds

Thanks for watching my friends. See you on next video with pro version

Step 1: Remove Cover Case From Old LCD Screen

It's may different different for your screen. Don't worry Just remove all the screws

Step 2: Take Off Some of the Hold

Be careful not to break the outer black layer. You will not like the smell of it

Step 3: Remove Acrylic Sheet

We will keep Acrylic Sheet for the project 3D led

Step 4: This Aluminum Plate Will Mount the Leds Up

After removing Acrylic Sheet we will see this aluminum plate. We will attach the bars on the aluminum plate with double-sided tape

Step 5:

We will use a 12v adapter with a capacity of 5A or more. You can use the boost conveter

Step 6: Protection for Leds and Reflections

We will use the film in the screen. We stick them in tape

Step 7: Wire for Leds

We have a lot of options. As you can see I have an example of a 2.5mm wire or a wire pulled from an old coil. We will fix the wire by. Actually I do not know what to call it. As shown on the picture. Blue or white we still use to close the wall when screwed

Step 8: Reassign the Components and We Have Completed the Project

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