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Introduction: How to Make a TARDIS

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The doctor is everyone's favourite space and time traveling alien hero, and he is nothing without his beloved spacecraft the TARDIS. Doctor who is my favourite TV show so consequently I made my own TARDIS (not functioning unfortunately).

Step 1: Research

There are lots of different versions of the TARDIS. I wanted to make the tenth doctors TARDIS. I found lots of different reference images and I already had a small TARDIS toy however I made my version slightly larger. I used these images to make sure my model looked right.

Step 2: Measure and Marking Out

Measure and mark out the parts of the TARDIS. I used MDF for most parts of the model. I made sure that all parts off the TARDIS were in the same proportion and where enlarged from my toy. Once I measured out with a rule I marked the picked with a pencil

Step 3: Cut and Glue

I cut out the MDF with a tenon saw and sanded the edges to make sure it was strait. I used square dowels for the four corners. Then contact adhesive was used to attach it all together. If I was to make this model again then at this point I would like to put 3 mirrors on the 3 sides . This is so that the yard is looks bigger on the inside.

Step 4: Adding the Top

To add the top I stuck some more MDF on and angled some so that the roof looks slanted. I filled the gaps with wood fillla. I was considering putting an LED as the lamp but instead decided that a rounded dowel would be much easier.

Step 5: Adding Hinges and Detail

I really wanted the TARDIS doors to open and close so I bought 4 tiny hinges, cut out some grooves on the doors and glued them to the MDF. After this I used PVA and attached some card which I had cut out to look like the sides of the TARDIS.

Step 6: Paint It White

I painted the TARDIS white as a base coat so that the MDF didn't show through the blue colour. This also made the card the same colour as the mdf. Also it made the windows look white.

Step 7: Paint Again and More Details

I then painted all of it blue apart from the windows which I left white. After it was all dry I printed off the signs onto sticky paper and stuck it on.

Step 8: The End of Time (for Making Your TARDIS)

Done! now you can travel and explore the universe! :)

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