Introduction: How to Make a Tasteful Ham Sandwich By: Roastables Inc.

If continue reading this recipe you will be able to make great and tasteful sandwich!!!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients


~ 2 slices of Enriched Premium White bread ~You may also need!

~ 2 slices of Ham ~ a plate

~ 2 tbsp of mayonnaise ~ a butter knife

~ 3 medium size Pieces of lettuce

~ 4 round slices of tomatoes

~ 2 round slices of onions

~ 6 small round slices of jalapenos (optional if want it to be mildly spicy)

Step 2: Don't Go Over Board With the Mayoonnaise

Smear approximately 1 tbsp of the mayonnaise on to each pieces of white bread then place the 2 pieces of ham on the 1 of the breads bread

Step 3: Add These Next

On top of the ham place the three pieces of lettuce as well as the 4 round slices of tomatoes and the 2 round slice of onions and the 6 small round slices of jalopenos

Step 4: Final Step!!!

place the remaining piece of white bread on top of the other bread with all the other ingredients. And your done!!!