Introduction: How to Make a Timer in Minecraft PE

Hello Everyone

Today I'm gonna show you how to make a timer in Minecraft PE. I made this timer for use in an adventure map, but feel free to use it anywhere. This timer is great for adventure maps which have time bound challenges. Or a parkour that is time bound too!

How does it work?

With the passing of each second, the dropper drops a block into a hopper. The hopper then transfers it into a chest. The comparator measures the number of blocks in the chest. When a block is added to the chest, the redstone current from the comparator increases too. Then there comes a point when the dropper becomes empty. By this time, the current is strong enough to light up a redstone lamp nearby. If a repeater is placed instead of the lamp, the timer can power all of your designs!

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

Materials Required

Wood/Stone blocks
Redstone torches





64 blocks of any item(I used diamonds)


Redstone Lamp

Glass blocks

I'm using Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta though it is the same as MCPE. In order for this to work, you will need Minecraft PE version 0.14.0.

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Step 1: Making the Clock

First, we need to dig a pit for our clock. By clock I mean a set of redstone torches which turn on and off alternatively. Anyways, let's get on with the digging. Dig a pit 9 blocks long, 3 blocks wide and 2 blocks deep. Then, place torches, redstone and wood/stone blocks as per the image I've uploaded.

If you did it right, you should see that the torches light up and go off alternatively. This is just what we want.

Step 2: Making the (hourglass) Tower

Now that the clock is ready, disable it by temporarily removing any one wire of redstone.

Let's move on with making the tower. I have given it a nice hourglass sort of feel where you can see the block falling down like grains of sand.

To bring the redstone current out of the pit, dig one block from any one corner of the pit and put redstone there(as shown in the first image).

Then from there, place a stone/wood block and a redstone torch next to it (torch should be touching the stone/wood block). Then place another stone/wood block above the previous one and one more above the redstone torch. On the block of stone above the torch, place another torch touching the stone. Repeat this step for as long as you want(as in image 2). Let's call what we've done as the torch tower.

Step 3: Making the Hourglass Tower Part 2

Now, place blocks of stone as high as the torch tower adjacent to it. Place another set of stone blocks of the same height, with a gap of 1 block to the pillar we made just now. See the image if you are confused.

Next, place glass on one side of the pillars. Repeat this on the other side as well.

Our tower is ready

Step 4: Under-the-ground Stuff

From the center of the tower, dig a hole 3 blocks deep. From the bottom of the hole, make a room 4 blocks long, 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks high. Make a step like opening to the surface from one corner of the room(as in 3rd image).

Now, through the hole in the tower, go to the top and place a dropper on the top. Make sure that the dropper is facing downwards.(image 4) A dispenser will also do.

After this, go back to the room we just created. Place a chest on the ground just below the dropper. Place a hopper above it (Press SHIFT while placing the hopper to connect it to the chest).

Step 5: Redstone and Comparators

Now, place a comparator next to the chest.(As in image). Turn on the third light by clicking on the comparator.This enables the comparator to show how much of the chest is filled. Connect it with redstone and bring the redstone back into the surface through the stepped exit.

At the end of the redstone wiring, place a redstone lamp.

Step 6: Final Adjustments

Go back to the chest and fill in any item you get (64 of each). Stop as soon as you see that the redstone lamp lights up. If the lamp is lit, remove one set of 64 blocks from the chest. This step might require some trial and error techniques.

Once that's done, go back to the tower and place stone blocks adjacent to the glass(just a decoration and is totally optional!)

Next, go to the top of the tower. Place a redstone wire in between the redstone torch and the dropper.

Place 64 of any block you like in the dropper. (I used diamonds since it's no big deal to get in creative mode.)

You're almost done!

Step 7: Getting It to Work (and Making an On/off Switch)

Go back to the clock which we first created. Place a lever above one of the stone blocks. Turn on the lever.(You can also do this as shown in the image)

Replace the redstone wire you had removed earlier to disable the clock.Next, fill in the pit with stone.You will notice that the timer has not activated yet.

Flick the lever again and see the timer come to life!

Once all the diamonds are in the chest, the redstone lamp will light up!

Feel free to replace the lamp with a repeater and connect it to a whole lot of TNTs or so! Have fun!

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