How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower

Introduction: How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower


-Tissue paper (any color and at least 10 sq feet)
-A ruler
-A pen
-Twist ties

Step 1: Measure and Trace


1. Lay out your tissue paper on a flat surface (a table or the floor will do). Measure and mark (with a ruler and pen) a square that is 4 inches on each side.

Step 2: Cut Out

Use the scissors to cut the square out and cut out five more squares of the same size (six total):

Note: It is easier to fold or layer six sheets so that you can make all six squares in one measure/cut.

Step 3: Stack Paper Squares

Place the squares evenly on top of each other

Step 4: Begin Folding a Zigzag

Choose any side to start from and fold down about a quarter inch from the top.

Step 5: Continue the Zigzag Folding

 Now fold it back on itself another ¼ inch, making a zig-zag fold

Step 6: Finish the Zigzag Folding

 Continue folding it back and forth on itself in this fan-like method until you run out of paper.

Step 7: Bind It Together

Wrap a twist tie around the middle.

Step 8: Spread the Sides Apart

Pull the sides apart so it spreads out to look like a bow.

Step 9: Pull Up the Tissue Paper

Pull up the top layer of tissue paper on both sides of the twist tie toward the twist tie.

Step 10: Complete Flower

Do the same with each layer, both sides, one at a time, until all layers are pulled around each other, with the twist tie at their center.

Step 11: Voila. You Have a Flower.

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