How to Make a Tool Board

Introduction: How to Make a Tool Board

If you are like me and have so many tools that it takes you longer to find the right tool than it does to use the tool then you need a tool board!  I made this tool board in about 2 hours.  I only put the tools that I used most often, but if you have enough wall space you can hang as much as you want.

List of items you will need:

1 - 6ft x 4ft  plywood board
5 - 5in x 5in wood blocks
40 - 1 1/2in wood screws - to mount the board
Sharpy or pen
100 1 1/2in wood screws - to mount your tools

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Step 1: Making the Mounts

The first thing that you will want to do is trace out a 5x5 inch block from some wood scrap.  I used particle board and regular lumber to do this.  

Before i cut the mounts out i marked holes (in orange) so i knew that those would be the holes I would be using to actually mount the board to the mount.  

I also made black marks in each corner of the mount.... these holes will be for your wood screws that will go through the mount and screw into the wall... I drilled pilot holes just so it would be a little easier.

Make 5 of these mounts.

Step 2: Layout of Mounts

Next you want to make the layout of how you will want to mount your mounts to your wall. (Mine was was thick 3/4 plywood so I was able to screw my mounts in where ever i wanted.  You might have to use anchors to mount your mounts.)

Using the black holes that I pre drilled pilot holes for i spaced out the 4 corner mounts and screwed them into the wall.  

Next I measured from corner to opposite corner to get my center X spot for my center mount.

Step 3: Laying Out the Tools

The fun and most time consuming process was laying out all my tools in the places that I wanted them.  As a general rule I wanted to keep the light things on top and the heavy tools closer to the bottom.

Once I got them all spaced out where I wanted them I used a sharpy to trace out each tool with where it should go.  Then using wood screws I drilled them into place keeping in mind that gravity was going to pull the tool down I angled the screw very slightly so they would keep the tools on better.

Step 4: Bigger Tools

With bigger tools such as power tools i used a combination of "mount" things that i could find around the shop to mount some of the tools that didn't work with just regular screws.

To hang my sazall I used a C bracket and just bent it down enough to hold the part of my tool.

Step 5: Mount Board

Once you get all your tools drawn on and the screws in place that will hold them, take all of your tools off the board and mount it.

This works best if you have a friend to help you out.  

The orange dots that we made on our mounts will be the spots we are aiming for when we try to mount our board... I used my fingers to feel where about the mount was behind the board and screwed in the first screw where i thought the orange mount hole should be.

I screwed in the top mounts first so it would hang and from there i did the bottom ones.  Again i used my hand to get a rough idea of where to screw into.

Make another X using the mount locations to find the center mount and screw that in as well so your board doesn't bow out in the center.

Hang your tools on your board and you are done!

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Tools hung on walls get dusty. Dusty tools are dirty, and rust. I don't like dirty, rusty, dusty tools.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    They are getting dusty if You use them once a year. Don't like scratching in the boxes looking for a screwdriver in the mixture of pliers, hammers and wrenches.

    Nice project anyway.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    My tool boxes have drawers which I dedicate to each kind of tool.

    Plus what I do in my garage can make things get dusty in far shorter a space of time than a year. Try 5 minutes. With the amount of tools I have I'd do nothing but clean them all of the time if I did not protect them.