Introduction: How to Make a Waterproof Minecraft Wallet From Duct Tape

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Hello and welcome to my instructable! Today we will be making a waterproof wallet with a creeper face.

You can Follow each step or freestyle it, it's your wallet.

Step 1: Green Duct Tape

Now you will need 6, 5 inch pieces of green duct tape.

Be patient as it takes a while to get it just right.

They need to be pretty even, but if you mess up the tiniest bit it should be fine.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Take the duct tape and out it on the corner of one as shown.

Than cover the sticky side with more ductape to make "fabric".

The fabric is non-sticky on both sides.

Next you have to get another six (step 2), and make fabric.

Sorry for the inconvenience I forgot.

Step 3: Wrapping Up

Put duct tape around both fabrics so they are stuck together. Do this on both sides.

I am sorry my camera is not working so we will have to wing it now.

There should be a hole on the bottom and the top.

Cover one side with ductape. Go inside and make it fabric.

Nobody wants their money stuck.

Step 4: Almost Done

All we have to do now is design it

Draw whatever face you want. I am drawing a creeper.

Thanks for making This with me!

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