How to Make a Wax Seal Without a Glue Gun




Introduction: How to Make a Wax Seal Without a Glue Gun

In this instructable, you will be shown how to make a wax seal not using a glue gun.



Sealing Wax

Wax Seal (any design you would like)


Practice Paper

Envelope/Final Paper

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Gather the materials listed above.

Step 2: Lighting the Candle

The first step is to light the candle with your match or lighter.

Step 3: Light Your Wax Candle

Get your wax candle close to your candle, and let the wick touch the flame until you see the wax candle's wick catch on fire.

Step 4: Creating the Wax

Lower your wax candle to the paper, so it is about an inch above it.

Rotate the wax candle so the wax drips as shown in the video, and let it drip on the paper until a circle the size of your seal is created. This might take longer than you expect, so be patient.

When finished, it should like like the third picture above.

Step 5: Practicing Sealing

Place your seal on to the wax for about five seconds, then slowly pick it up so that the wax does not tear from the paper. It won't look amazing your first try, so make sure to practice before sealing your final paper.

Step 6: Sealing Your Final Product

Once you have practiced enough and are ready to seal, do the process once again, making sure the seal covers the top of the envelope and the bottom (as shown in the picture).

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