Introduction: How to Make a Welcome Sign

Hello my name is Hannah Anderson. Are you looking for a way to get a better experience at making crafts? I'm going to show you how to bring in the wonderful thoughts and creativity. I'm going to show you in 5 easy steps on how to make a welcome sign. Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.


Board, paint, stencils, paint brush, double-sided tape, sissors

Step 1: Cut Stencils

Next, cut the stencils to the right size to make sure all the letters fit on the board. If it doesn't work readjust the letters to make it fit. Also make sure the letters are lined up right.

Step 2: Taping the Stenclies and Putting Them On

After that, take the double-sided tape and put the tape on the back of each letter. Make sure none of the tape is sticking out. It might mess your paint up once you pull the stencils off.

Step 3: Paint the Stenclies

Once, that's done push on the letters so they stay in place. If they are not taped down they might move when you are trying to paint them and mess the paint up and smear it all over your board and now paint the letters on.

Step 4: Finish Product

Finally, pull off stencils once the paint is dry. Make sure the stencil is pulled off nice and slow so it doesn't touch the paint that is not fully dry yet.