How to Make a Windows XP Error Message

Introduction: How to Make a Windows XP Error Message

Have you ever seen those fake Windows XP error messages on YouTube and other places that people make? Have you wondered, "How do they make those?" Well, today I will show you how to create an error message of your own for free without signing up for anything or sharing your address. It proves to be easier than you would think, actually. So let's get started! 

Step 1: Materials

All you really need is a computer with Internet. So move on to step 2!

Step 2: Error Message Generator

Go to this link:
After going there, select which icon to use, fill in the text boxes at the bottom (make sure the XP style is selected, above the text boxes) and click "Generate an error message"

Step 3: Done!

The page should reload with your error message at the top. To save it to your computer, simply right-click (Mac users need to Ctrl-click) and click "Save picture as" (Mac users may have to click something different)
And now upload it to YouTube or something!

Step 4: Share YOUR Creativity!

Leave a comment below showing your error message that you created. Also, be sure to visit the Error Message Gallery on the site for user-made ideas.

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Tip 1 year ago

viste esos fake errors? te encantan? pues si! ps. 1: abra atomsmasher error message generator ps. 2:selecciona un icono y ponle detalles ps. 3:cuando termines clic derecho y
clic en save as... y listo!


8 years ago on Step 3

these are some of mine


10 years ago on Step 4

Thanks for the instructable. I had fun playing around with it.

Error Message1.png