Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Shortbow

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Hello Internet.Im back with another instructable and this time it's how to make a wooden shortbow

Step 1: Gather Materials

Get these materials and tools
pocket knife or multi tool
contact adhesive or hot glue
skewers for making the arrows
4 tongue depressors

Step 2: Making the Bow

Get your tongue depressors and slightly bend 2 so they make a slight arch

Put the second arched depressor to the side an get two straight depressors and glue them on the arched one with hot glue or contact adhesive

next add contact adhesive on the two ends of the straight depressors

now add the second arched depressor on the two straight ones

after that tie on some string for extra strenth.first go around one end three times and tie a double knot in like picture 5 and cut of the excess

Step 3: Attaching the Bow String

using your pocket knife or scissors cut three triangles at the beginning and end of your bow.these will be for attaching the bow string.

take a lenth of string about 50 cm or 23 inches

tie one end of the string to the bow like in picture the same for the other end and tie it off.if there is excess cut it off

Step 4: How to Make the Arrows

Now that your done with the bow now you need arrows

cut about 7 cm of tape from the roll of tape.i use electrical tape but any tape works fine.take that strip and put it on the skewer

now fold both ends into a rectangle

after that cut them into a triangle like in picture 4 and sharpen the tip of the skewer

Step 5: DONE!!

Do not shoot at people or pets
NOTE:this bows bowstring does not draw very far if you hear cracking in the sticks do not draw it till there and further than that point of draw lenth.
Hope you enjoyed this instructable and in the next one I'll show you how to make flaming arrows!! ☺