Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy Elephant

1.Go on the internet and search for an image that you would like to use and print it.

2.Trace the image with a pencil make the head a little bigger and cut out along the lines.

3.Draw two dots ware you would like to put your wheels

Step 1:

step 1:

1. Trace the cut out picture over a thin peace of wood with pencil so you can erase your mistakes.

2. Cut along the lines with the band saw.

3. Make sure to ware safety goggles when cutting wood.

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Toy

Step 2:

1. Trace the cut out peace of wood onto a thicker peace of wood that can fit your whole toy on it.

2. Again using the band saw cut along the lines of the wood.

3. When done sand down the toy, in the spaces that are to small for the sander use a hand sander to get out all the tool and burn marks.

4. Then with the drill press drill the two holes where your wheels will go.

5. Now you will router all of the edges of your toy.

Step 3: Painting

Step 3:

Now you will paint the elephant. You can paint it how ever you want. I did mine very simply, I wish that I would have spent more time on my painting but i didn't. Take your time wile you paint.

Step 4: Wheels

Step 4:

1. Next you will glue you wheels onto your toy.

2. Check to make sure that your axle fits in your axle hole.

3. Put a small amount of glue in the axle hole.

4. Put the Axle throw the wheel.

5. Put the axle and the assembled wheel into the axle hole.

6. Make sure to keep space between the wheel and the toy so the wheel will spin.