Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Toy Jet

Many people enjoy making wooden toys. This hobby is for people of all ages. Older hobbyists make toys for children or to display in their own collections. Children and teens can learn basic woodworking skills by making toys.

This Instructable explains how to make a simple jet airplane. The plan can be modified to make other types of planes. The techniques can be applied to other types of toys.

For this jet, obtain a piece of lath, craft paint, a 1/4 inch dowel, and a 1 inch dowel that can be used to make wheels. Or, you can buy wheels. Lath is about two inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. You will need about 13 inches, cut into 4 inch pieces with a short piece left over for wheel mounts. The length of the axle depends on the thickness of the wheels.

Necessary tools include a scroll saw, a drill, a 1/4 inch drill bit, two spring clamps, a paint brush, one large rubber band, and sand paper. Optional but helpful tools include a rotary tool, a rotary tool stand for use as a drill press, a small table saw, and a sanding sponge. You also need white glue and a paper towel for wiping off extra glue.


A piece of lath about 14 inches in length.
1/4 inch dowel
1 inch dowel
Craft paint
A large rubber band

A 1/4 inch drill bit with drill
A scroll saw
A rotary tool for sanding
White glue
A paint brush
Sand paper or sanding sponge
Two spring clamps
A paper towel for wiping off excess glue

Step 1: Cut the Pieces and Glue the Body

Cut the first body piece. Use it as a template for the next body piece. Cut the wheel mounts. The ones shown are about an inch by 3/4 inch.

Glue and clamp the body pieces and wheel mounts. Let dry for an hour.

Cut the wing. Sand off the sharp edges a bit but do not try to sand too much because lath is a soft wood.

Make the wheels by slicing pieces off the 1 inch dowel.

Step 2: Cut the Axle

Measure the thickness of the body and the wheels together and allow a little space to give the wheels room to turn without rubbing against the body.. Cut the axle. Drill holes in the wheels now.

Step 3: Complete the Body

After the body is dry, sand off the uneven edges. Then drill a hole for the axle. Make sure the hole is close enough to the bottom of the body to allow the wheel to turn without dragging, but do not place it too close to the edge or the wood may split. Ream out the hole a little so that the axle will turn freely.

Step 4: Paint and Assemble

Now might be a good time to paint the parts.

Insert the axle, put some glue on the ends, then place the wheels. Put glue on the wing, place it in the top, then brace with a large rubber band. Loop the rubber band around the point of one wing, then under the body, then to the tip of the other wing,

Wait about an hour before handling the finished jet.

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