Introduction: How to Make a Zine

About: Drew Charter School believes that making is an essential part of education.

Zines are small, self-made magazines made by you! The best thing about them, is if you're able to read this instructable, you already have all of the tools to make your own. Zines have been around for a long time and are a great way to share your love of any topic you choose- comics, musicians, artists- you name it!

The best thing about zines is that you're completely in charge! You're the author, illustrator, editor, photographer, etc. You can work with friends or alone, and the content of your zine is completely up to you! Do you want to put it online for people to print out, or distribute copies to your friends? Your zine can be printed or online- you get to decide the best way to share your work.


For this project you can use:

  • Paper
  • Pens, markers, colored pencils
  • scissors
  • A computer, phone, or tablet
  • Google docs or your word processor of choice
  • A printer
  • A copier
  • Glue or tape
Pick what materials you want to use and what you have on hand. None of these materials are required and you can use what you have on hand.

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

To get started on your zine, pick what you want to write about. Do you want to write about your favorite musician? Your favorite subject in school? Skateboarding? You get to pick the topic! Will your zine have pictures? Today you're the editor, decide what content you will include and share.

Once you've picked what you want to make your zine about, start writing, cut out your pictures, and plan your content.

For my zine I'll be sharing projects made in our makerspace from the last year, and will be including DIYs and projects created by our membership this past year.

Step 2: Make Your Zine

Now for the fun part- making your zine! You've got your content and it's time to put your work together.

Traditionally zines were made by typing or drawing on a piece of paper and using a copier to make multiple copies. Today we have access to plenty of tools online and off for publishing though. You can use whatever software or app you have access to to make your zine. Google docs and slides are great free tools that most students have access to, and you can these tools to write your zine and add photos, all on your phone or computer.

We've included a layout below for an 8 page zine that uses 1 sheet of paper and doesn't require any fasteners. Follow the template below to layout your zine. Print, cut along the cut line, and fold along the fold lines. Voila! You have your own magazine!

Step 3: Publish and Share

Now for the final part, publishing and sharing your work! How many copies you make of your zine is up to you.
If you made a physical zine, photocopy or print multiple copies of your zine. Fold and assemble them, and share them with your friends. Feeling entrepreneurial? You can sell your zine, too.

If you made a digital zine, you have more options for how to share your zine. You can print it out just as a physically made one, but you can also share your file as a PDF and share your file, or publish to it to a website.