How to Make an Electronic Dice Using ARDUINO

Introduction: How to Make an Electronic Dice Using ARDUINO

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Hey guys we are back with another cool Arduino project for you. In this Instructable, I will show you how to make an Electronic Dice using Arduino. I know you will like it. Do watch the video.

Step 1: Components

1. LED (7)

2. IC 4017 (Decade counter)

3. Jumpers, connecting wire

4. Pushbutton and 10K resistor

5. 100 resistors (7)

6. Arduino UNO (or N555)

7. Breadboard, of course

Step 2: Circuit

Now we have two circuits with us. One using N555 as timer and another circuit using Arduino instead of N555.

We have performed using Arduino.

The image above is circuit using N555 as clock generator.

The link for circuit and code using Arduino is given in the description of the video.

Step 3: How Is It Working?

Let me explain it using N555. N555 is set in astable multivibrator mode and pin 3 acts as clock output. When pushbutton is not pressed, output from pin 3 is 0. But when it is pressed, the clock pulses comes out at high speed and enters IC 4017 which is a decade counter and it counts from 0 to 9 (hence the name). [Each of these pulses will increase the count by 1]

If you see the code, you will understand that I have taken 5ms as pulse width, taking in loop, which will come out from Arduino and will be used as clock for IC 4017. Since the clock pulse is so fast, that it's effect on LED will not be visible to us.

Depending on how long we press, we will get a random count from IC and corresponding to that count, the required numbers of LED will glow.

In this way, you can turn a traditional indoor game into a cool project and enhance your skills on using Arduino and electronics.

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