Introduction: How to Make an Ethernet Cable

Hello! Today we will be learning how to make your very own industry-standard ethernet cable! Which will be able to save you money when it comes to needing cables!

So why am I qualified to teach you? Well, I’m an IT professional I’ve spent the last 2 years learning about standards and practices in the IT field which includes making cables. So what we’ll need for this project is


1 RJ-45 Crimper, about 5 feet length of Cat 5e cable, RJ-45 Connectors, And a Wire Stripper And a cable tester (Optional)

Step 1: Remove the Sheathe

So, Let's begin our first steps requires our wire stripper so let's get that handy. Now that we have that let's remove about a fingertip length of the cable sheath exposing 4 twisted wires.

When we remove the sheathe make sure not to go too far or you risk cutting our wires. And with it all removed we should have something that looks like the photo.

Step 2: Ordering Our Cables

Now that we have our cables showing we need to order our cables into the industry standard for straight-through cables which are what you’d normally buy off the shelf. To begin let's untwist our wires and order them as such Orange-white, Orange, Green-white, Blue, Blue-white, Green, Brown-White, Brown once you have them in the order needed we are ready for our next step!

Step 3: Getting the Proper Length

Now that we have our wires ordered properly we are going to make sure they fit in perfectly so here's what we’ll do we place our wires above our RJ-45 Connector placing the sheathing over the hole on the bottom of the RJ-45 Head and making sure our length reached the end of the cable it's okay if its too far just cut off the excess and we’ll move onto our next step

Step 4: Inserting Our Ordered Wires

Now that we’ve cut out our length let's slide our ordered wires into the RJ-45 head. The RJ-45 Head has 8 rows one for each wire when you slide it in making sure it reaches the end of your cable. The cable may not work if your cable isn’t cut to the correct length re-cut the sheathe a little if needed to assure it fits in perfectly.

Step 5: Crimping Our Cable

Now the last final step is the easiest once our cable is in the RJ-45 head and is in the industry-standard order just plug it into the RJ-45 crimper and squeeze the handle this should push down the tab at the bottom of the RJ-45 head and pushes into the sheathing of the cable. Now just repeat the steps on the other end of the cable and Voila and industry-standard Ethernet Cable!