Introduction: How to Make an Homemade Large Cat Tree for Cheap

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I sought the perfect tree for my large cats but it's incredibly expensive for what it is, so I'll show you how to make a custom cat tree that will cost the half of the cheapest cat tree you will find. Inspire you of one of the cat tree you can find in stores and tries to copy your favorite

Know your cat’s behaviour

It is an artificial structure for your cat to exercise, play or for relaxing. It is a great idea for satisfying the curiosity of your cat and your and your sense of creativity.So this is why a large cat tree will give the space that your cats require.

How to make a large cat tree?

Materials required for making process:

  • A carpet tube will come free of cost from the carpet warehouses.
  • A sheet of plywood and particle board is needed or one could check the cut off bin in the local store.
  • Cat trees are made up of varied materials, such as solid wood.
  • The climbing posts too cover in faux fur, fleece, carpet or lined along with the rope.
  • A long tooth floor is required or door mat so that the kitties feel comfort.
  • Wood glues, nails, staples, as well as two jute ropes of 100 ft in length.

Guidance for making a great home-made cat tree:

  • If you want to make a bigger base, then cut 24 inches from both sides.
  • Cover two boxes that could be 15 by 14 in size. Also cover 2 perches with the fur before getting started with it and cut 14 inches along with a couple of inch rim on 3 sides.
  • You could attach the piece of wood that is L-shaped by nailing into the circles pieces of wood on the top of the tube.
  • It is recommended to get a firm platform and screw it down tightly to your house.
  • The mat could be trimmed with a couple of shears.

Procedures to make the cat tree

  • It depends from where you buy the raw products.
  • One should test the sturdiness of the furniture, check the material and examine for any defects.
  • One of the important factors is tree coverings.
  • You must check the stability of the product and if it is loose, your cat will fear and never enter it in future.
  • It is ideal to choose with a large base and multiple posts and consider the amount of space.
  • You could even hang few toys for your puff balls to play with and cover it up all in catnip.

You cat tree also vary in size; especially short posts are for fewer spaces while some extend from the floor up to the ceiling. However, it’s not very easy to cut and it could take more than a person to cover with jute around the post as stapling and holding the jute is required.

Good luck! be gentle, it's my first instructable, I discovered the site after make my tree so I do not have more picture of each step of the assembly, but you'll get there easily believe me