Introduction: How to Make an Infrared Thermometer?

The infrared thermometer can measure the surface temperature of an object. Its advantage is non-contact temperature measurement, which can conveniently and accurately measure the temperature of a remote object, which is widely used.

Here we introduce the simple steps of making an infrared thermometer.

Step 1:

Since it is an infrared thermometer, there must be a sensor in it. This tutorial uses T901 from Rantai, Taiwan.

Step 2: Solder the Leads

Step 3: Cover the PCB

Cover the PCB with foam to prevent bare components from shorting.

Step 4: Clamp and Fix

With two parts clamped and fixed, the installation of the infrared temperature measurement module is almost the same.

Step 5: Prepare the Necessary Arduino UNO, Expansion Board and Oled.

Step 6: OLED Display and Distance Sensor

Step 7: Installation of Some Metal Parts

Step 8: Complete!

Step 9: Arduino Code

Arduino is very important in the process, and the Arduino code is shown in the pictures above.

These are the simple steps of making an infrared thermometer. If you are interested in the working principle or accuracy of it, you can visit this site to get what you want. Welcome your comments!