Introduction: How to Make an M&M Anti Gravity Cake

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A great cake for any kids party. Use most any candy that you want to fit your taste buds or kid's party theme. I used red, white and blue M&Ms to decorate it.

Cake of your choice

Buttercream frosting

Candy Melts


Milkshake or regular straw or dowel. Proportional in diameter to the candy bag.

Step 1: Prepare Your Cake

You can use any flavor of cake and frosting you desire. Think about the flavor of the candy you are using when deciding. I recommend buttercream frosting to hold your candy to the cake.

Step 2: Attach Candy to the Straw

You can use most any candy you want. I am using red, white and blue M&Ms for this cake. It's important to open the bag of candy as neatly as possible. We want to save the bag for later!

Melt candy melts in microwave per instructions on the package. I used Wilton's white Candy Melts. Cover your straw or dowel with the chocolate. I used a milkshake straw for this cake as I used a large bag of M&Ms. Leave a few inches uncovered to insert into the cake.

Have enough melted chocolate available as you attach the candy in case the chocolate hardens. Put enough candy on so the underlying straw is well hidden.

Step 3: Insert the Straw Into the Cake

Insert the straw or dowel into the top of the cake. Push it into the cake until the candy is touching the cake or as close as possible.

Step 4: Arrange the Candy

Arrange your M&Ms on the cake however you like. If there is any straw showing between the candy and top of the cake, make a little pile of candy at the base to hide it.

Step 5: Attach the Candy Bag

Fill the empty candy bag with some paper towel so it looks like there is candy in the bag. Spread some melted chocolate on the inside edge of the bag. Place it onto the straw at an angle so it appears the candy is pouring out. You will have to hold it for a minute or two until it is well attached and stands on its own.