Introduction: How to Make a Spring/Easter Egg Decoration

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Hello everybody,

It Spring and Easter has just passed. For this time of year we thought of a decorations using coffee pods. We hope you like our instructable. And please vote for us :-)

Step 1: Watch Our Video

To make sure you do not miss anything, check out our video. Materials used making this egg: Nespresso capsules (Vivalto lungo and Rosabaya de Colombia), astyrofoam egg (8 cm high), aluminum foil, paper crimper, a bead cap (beadshops), headpins (beadshops), needles, flower punches (, scissors, knife, jewelers tools (beadshops)-

Step 2: Prepare Your Coffee Pods

Cut the top and bottom off your coffee pod. Use the border and the inner part for your egg. Use a paper crimper to have the waved effect. You need 12 waved borders and 6 waved inner pieces. Lastly, cut out 24 flowers to be able to decorate your egg.

Step 3: Prepare the Bottom of Your Egg

Cut out a flower with 6 petals and add the snowflake. Perforate each hole and add a headpin to it. Hereafter add the waved inner pieces. Add another flower and fix by turning the headpins.

Step 4: Fix the Pieces to the Egg

Fix the two opponent pieces first. Continue until the 6 are fixed. Use a box cutter to along the waved coffee pod. Take some aluminum foil and fold it into the cut. Than add the folded border to each side. Repeat this step for all 6 sides

Step 5: Finish the Egg

When all sides have been covered, use a beadcap for the top of the egg. Fix it with a headpin and a flower. Use the other cut out flowers to decorate even more. And voilà your egg is done! We hope you like it!

Isabel and Naomi

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