Introduction: How to Make an Up Cycled Easter Hat

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Upcyling is a form or recycling! Upcycling is when we reuse discarded objects and materials in such a way as to create something new. The new object can be of higher quality or value than the original items and can be fun to make!

When upcycling a top hat you are doing a process called assemblage. Assemblage is when you make something new from found or unrelated objects by grouping them (or in this case, gluing or taping) together!


· Paper plate or any circle made of paper/cardboard

· Pencil

· Ruler

· Scissors

· Paper

· Glue or Tape

Step 1: Prepare Your Base

Using your ruler and pencil, draw lines on your paper resembling cutting a pizza or pie. Do not draw all the way to the edge! After you have drawn the lines, take your scissors, first cutting a hole in the middle, then cutting along the drawn lines so that only a rim of circle is left.

Step 2: Prepare the Top

Once you have cut along all the lines, you will notice that they make triangles. Fold the triangles so they are pointing upwards. Now, take your paper and cut it you the height and length you want after making sure it can roll all the way around your base.

Step 3: Tape or Glue the Top to the Base

After you have your paper ready, use tape or glue to adhere to your base. You can now make a top for you hat or leave it empty to make decorating it fun!