How to Make the Cabinet of Defense

Introduction: How to Make the Cabinet of Defense

In this tutorial I will show you how to make the Cabinet of Defense or a Cabinet Shield if you will


1. spare plywood

2.screws of varying sizes

3.a drill and drill bits (For pre-drilling screw holes.)

4.a jig saw or circular saw for cutting wood

5.screwdrivers(" just in case.")

6. some strapping

7. a long 1 inch dowel rod

8 . a old wood medicine cabinet

Step 1: Finding a Old Wooden Medicine Cabinet

personally I know not every one has one of these at least that there not using more than likely at some point or another but check the trash on a renovation site they might let you have it if they are throwing it out. I happened have mine in the basement

Step 2: Take Off the Door

in this step use your screwdrivers to carefully take the door & door hinges off. Also take any shelving and shelving parts out of your cabinet while doing this.

(save the door hinges for later on.)

Step 3: Replacing Wood

turnover your cabinet and take the thin board off . measure and cut new plywood and screw on the new like in the pictures above but when doing this DO NOT screw in the bottom side

Step 4: Take Off Bottom

find the bottom board and take it off and make recesses for the hinges that will go back on later

Step 5: Build the Front Handle

take your dowel rod measure and cut it so you can mount it on the side walls

Step 6: Mounting the Main Front Handle

once you get the dowel handle where you want it. Take screws and mount it

Step 7: Mounting the Bottom Door

take the bottom you took off and put your hinges on it and mount the bottom like the picture above while making it opens flat and closes into a box

Step 8: (optional) Paint or Stain

i had to paint after i scraped a lot of old paint off

Step 9: Arm Strapping and Finishing

measure your arm and cut some strapping to length to bolt on a strap with washers and screws onto the shield to hold your arm steady then try it out

Step 10: Hang It Up or Use It

when the need arises it will be ready or take it down and use it wisely

This has been how i built the cabinet of defense

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