How to Make the Perfect, Easy Party Snack

Introduction: How to Make the Perfect, Easy Party Snack

This may seem like your average party dip, but from past experience, it is a huge success with party guests. It's cheap, easy, and completely delicious.

Step 1: Gather the Essentials

First you have to gather the five items that are required to make this salsa/sour cream dip. You will need a bowl, sour cream, salsa, tortilla chips, cheese of your choice (I usually go with cheddar), and a spoon or spreading utensil.

Step 2: Sour Cream

Layer the bottom of the bowl or tray with sour cream. Spread it with your spoon or spreading utensil.

Step 3: Salsa

The second layer of this dip is salsa. Pour the salsa into the bowl or tray, and spread with the spoon.

Step 4: Cheese

With the cheese of your choice, sprinkle cheese over the top of the layer of salsa for a thin layer of cheese over the dip.

**Cheese lovers (like myself), the more cheese the better!

Step 5: Tortilla Chips

Add tortilla chips to the dip so it's ready for serve right away.

Step 6: Microwave (optional)

You can microwave the dip for about 30 seconds for a quick warm up and melted cheese. This is optional because this dip can also be served cold.

Step 7: All Finished!

Take the dip out of the microwave, and it is all ready to serve!

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    Your dip sounds yummy but I do not see it in your intro photo - did you eat it all before the guests arrived?