Introduction: How to Turn Old Produce Bags Into a New Bag

This instructable will go through the steps needed to mend broken plastic bags.

You will need:

- 15 ripped plastic bags

- scissors

- knitting needles

Step 1: Cut

Fold a bag in half lengthwise and cut along the fold crease. Next, cut the two halves into three strips. Continue this process with all the bags.

* Make sure the cut strips run along the circumference of the bag to form circular strips. *

Step 2: Form Plastic Yarn

Take two plastic bag circles and fold one into the other by looping one around the other and then pulling through both, this creates a double ply yarn. Pull tight until the knot is compact. If a bag breaks, simply tie it to an end.

Step 3: Cast On

Tie a slipknot with the plastic around the right knitting needle and then using your left hand cast on 8 stitches.

Step 4: Knit

Knit the plastic string into a rectangular shape, it should be at least 24in long. If you run out of plastic yarn grab more plastic bags and cut more pieces.

Step 5: Weave Edges Together

Once the rectangle is complete, keep the knitting needle in the work and fold it in half. Take a piece of single strand plastic yarn to weave the top and bottom together, weave from the bottom to top.

Step 6: Cast Off

Once the sides are closed, use any extra yarn at the top to close up the top seam. Slowly remove the knitting needle from each hoop and then pull the plastic yarn through the hoop until you reach the end. Then, tie a knot. Next, add a handle to the top of the bag using double ply plastic yarn.

Step 7: Use

Your produce bag is now ready to be used; it is great for the market and storing any fresh veggies and fruits.